The Dogmafication of the Law

The first dogmafication of the law was done when the Holy Roman Catholic Church decreed through their book the Bible that the Torah which translates as Teaching should be known instead as a Testament. The difference between Teaching and Testament is, one promotes questions while the other promotes obedience. In our time, the dogmafication of the law of the land is being accomplished by an adherence to the simple meaning of the Constitution called, Originalism. Literal meaning in Torah means, no interpretation of the Torah can be taken out of the literal meaning of the words.

The Torah proclaiming, The world was created in six days, is a conundrum requiring a new interpretation of nature, different from scientists and scholars, leading to new information and perceptions of creation. Without being tethered to the original meaning, wild metaphors and similes would be employed irregardless of the truth. Another example would be the splitting of the sea from the rod of Moshe leading the Jewish People to become a nation. Though considered the breaking of the water before the birth, nonetheless, the water of the sea broke and the Jewish People passed through to the other side.

Straight out of Notre Dame University, (The words Notre Dame means, Our lady) the bastion of Catholic thought in America is a woman steeped in dogma. She brings a new face of literalism into the Supreme Court at a young age, able to determine law of decades. The goal of the Republican Party is to stack the court against liberals as a way to defend from the demographics of the country. The rigidity of government is being met by a flood of new voters who can change the government. No law can stand against the will of the people, particularly in a land, Of and By and For the People.

The balance of power between the courts and the legislators rest on congress’ ability to amend the law and wash dogma from the shores of our country. The provision allowing freedom of religion has no apparatus for avoiding taxes. Religion enjoys a tax free status plus a recent federal proclamation, Religion can not be zoned out by communal decree, allowing religion to own everything and never pay a penny in tax. Plus, religion enjoys being deterred from prosecution with their records hidden. In the last congressional act meant to help the poor people and small businesses, the Holy Roman Catholic Church received one and half billion dollars then subsequently closed thousands of schools.

There is no word for religion in Hebrew, Arabic or Sanskrit. Religion is purely a Roman invention allowing the Church to sell Heaven to an unsuspecting congregation. Other ancient systems adopt religion so they also pay no taxes, thus giving the religion of Rome credibility. The simple way to rid the world from religion is to take away their deduction and make them pay for their property or have it reclaimed by the state to be used for the welfare of the people. There is no dogma in the Torah or in the Koran or any of the writings of ancient Vedas.

Rome did not fall, Rome transformed into religion then went out and conquered the world with their sword, an upside-down cross. Dogma must be repudiated particularly when the pronouncements of the Holy Roman Catholic Church say, Black People are cursed to be slaves, Jews killed god, homosexuals are hated by the Creator who created them, woman are evil and life begins at conception. Dogma prevents these abhorrent ideas from criticism, and now comes the dogmafication the law. Dogma does not fit life. Dogma only suits those in power giving cover to their real intentions: pointing the country towards servitude.

Sex a Metaphor to History exposes religion under the auspices of logic drawn from ancient teachings. Religion dumbs downs the ancient writings until only those dosed with dogma can comprehend the incomprehensible. God has promised through books of prophecy, There will come a time when teachers will no longer exist because the light permeating our world will allow everyone to see with clarity the confines of creation. The beauty of a circle is all points on the circle are equal. The line is man; the circle is woman — the Thousand Years of Woman and Peace are within our reach.


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dovid Krafchow

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