Pricks in Outer Space

dovid Krafchow
6 min readAug 12, 2021

For decades, men have been launching rockets into space, but only recently are rich men saddling up to be the first to monetize the abyss. While the world smells of diesel fuel, while children can’t cry because they are too cold or too hungry, while the Earth trembles beneath he weight of human gluttony and the poor are forced into the streets from lack of housing, the space program accelerates. A new type of pornography video taped from various angles, streamed live for the whole world to watch a rich man’s titillation.

Four thousand years ago, the men who built the Tower of Babel were able to get their heads three miles above the Earth and from there they could launch into outer space. After all this time, now rich men can get their rocks off for four minutes going fifty miles above the Earth. Humanity has taken four thousand years to go from our heads three miles above the Earth — to a prick fifty miles beyond the horizon. Obsessing over outer space and aliens is a diversion and a false justification for destroying the Earth.

For decades, there have been habitation in orbit above our planet for scientific endeavors but space has yet to be monetized. It is the monetization of space which should bother those of us left on the Earth. The basis of capitalism is a hierarchical system whose power is focused at the top. But, instead of excess trickling down to the bottom, the wealth of America is being ejaculated into empty space to climax a rich life. These well-heeled troubadours of delight, masturbating the riches of Earth into an outer space already polluted with space junk, are pricks.

A few hundred years prior to the Tower of Babel, a flood came to the Earth because the men of the world had ejaculated on rocks and trees with such proclivity, God needed to bring a great flood to return Earth back to her pristine state. Now, these same pricks are doing it again but this time from a higher level. Perhaps, from space they can piss on the world, a well-worn occupation of the Ultra Rich showing distain on those beneath them, stuck on the Earth.

A rise from the bottom lifts all boats but elevating the top only increases disparity between those below. Capitalism, if kept in a containment might tinkle down to the poor but when the containment is removed, a structure without a foundation loses all meaning. Like the Tower of Babel, the Ultra Rich are detaching themselves from Earthly reality. From such a high vantage point, the world appears pristine and well divided, a place without conflict or confusion, a place of great sustenance and peace. The Ultra Rich have a skewed view of the world because of their egocentric focus, knowing the price but not the value.

Since there is no logical reason to want More, the capitalists turned to drugs. In the 1920’s, the capitalists made marijuana illegal so oil tyrants could develop plastic clothes which were unable to compete against hemp. Also at this same time, capitalists were meeting with religious leaders to create the evangelical movement teaching, a person deserves only what they work for — the capitalistic dogma. The secular are far more kind than the ruling religion inducing fear. Religion draws law out of dogma then feeds it to the government as a morality devised through hypocrisy.

Capitalism began as a way to distribute necessities but the yearning for More has bloated the system with unneeded excess leading to addiction. By making street drugs illegal, capitalists took the opportunity to exploit Oxycodone to those in pain. No one went to jail, the capitalists merely returned a portion of the money back to the government who had been complicit in the crime. Meanwhile, people went to commercially run jails for possession of small amounts of marijuana. Soon marijuana will be federally legalized because the industry has become too large to deny but the countless lives their laws destroyed have no recompense.

The monetarization of jails and drugs led to these pricks in outer space. Religion is spiritual extortion while capitalism for More is based on addiction. America the Beautiful, a bastion of religion and money, has become fat ugly and miserable. The dream of freedom has been redefined as free to make money to purchase an addiction which will ultimately make you sick; the medical system will then take the money — while religion takes the soul for the price of repentance paid in dollars. The system worked until it didn’t work because God sent Covid to save the world before we went off the rails and crashed.

The rich capitalists and the religious leaders underestimate the tenacity of the people. We are the blades of grass pushing up against the concrete; even in the paved over darkness, people see the light as they push through the cracks in the system — seeking true freedom. Capitalism is a monster requiring constant feeding because without More, capitalism will inevitably dwindle back down to socialism or even communism. These three Isms are manmade constructs squeezing people to give up their individual rights, not for life liberty and the pursuit of happiness but to ejaculate pricks into outer space.

For some to have More, others must have less; the obsession with More causes poverty through greed — the heart turns hard, the eyes refuse to see as the ears deafen causing human compassion to end. God planted different plants throughout the world to get high, then rich people made them illegal instituting a commercial way to get high instead, where they get high while the rest can only watch. Other Ultra Rich are already lining up, paying millions of dollars for minutes of ecstasy, as if in a grownup DisneyLand, a celestial whorehouse.

One can only imagine what could happen if this amazing ability and engineering feat had been applied to the people for the benefit of society. Recently, NASA put out a call to the global community to help innovate a space toilet, while in downtown Los Angeles, one of the worst and most dangerous street populations in America, has no public toilet. The streets smell like raw shit mixed with stale urine; capitalism married to progress has produced a metastasizing cancer — even in the midst of our disease, we cry out for More. We are a pathetic excuse for a country.

Because the Ultra Rich are so fantastically rich, whole industries have arisen just to satisfy the longing of those who can have anything while the rest of society has nothing except what tinkles down. The Ultra Rich destroyed the middle class then regurgitated a new middle focused on the needs of the wealthy who pay with schools and housing owned by the Ultra Rich. Universities no longer educate but have been reduced down to madams producing whores to service the rich. We are a decadent Roman society about to fall while the rest of the world follows America’s errant lead.

The rich have always been honored in societies throughout the world because when difficulty happen to a community the populous inevitably turn to the wealthy for help. That paradigm is dead. The nouveau riche in a world without boundaries can never have enough. In the end, the rich will fall from the heavens and all those whose support them will be aping behavior with no social benefit. Because of the diversity of the human experience is spread throughout the Earth, there is no right Ism for the world. Rome, master of Isms, has proven himself to be woefully deficient.

Cooperation can not be reduced down to an Ism because collaboration is natural to human beings. Competition is good in sports or education but not in life. People should not have to compete to live. In death camps, bread is thrown to the captives so the warders can watch people fighting over food, fighting to stay alive. There is one way out of this dilemma, reject the male agenda; embrace the female agenda — Mackenzie Scott, ex-wife to one of these pioneers of pleasure, spends her days giving her fortune to charities because of her concern for the Earth.

Some make a case for paying women more than men since women return more of their money back to society. The question we need to answer is, Do we as a society prefer to compete with men or embrace the female agenda? It is not a coincidence that the six thousand year calendar based on the male oriented Six Days of Creation is about to run out in 220 years. The date is 5781. The time for the transition from the male agenda to the female agenda has obviously arrived.

The Thousand Years of Woman and Peace are peeping out just beneath the horizon; the murmuring of her voice mixed with the dew of her breath articulates a gentle message — now is the time to awake to a beautiful future.



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