Masking is an Act of Love

dovid Krafchow
3 min readAug 26, 2021

Americans don’t like being pushed around by their Western styled Civilization governed by the Roman sword which has been replaced by the gun. There are more guns in America than people. Americans are at war with themselves and their government. As a result of this internal conflict, Covid is winning the bigger battle. However, there is a way to turn the tables on the sickness threatening to become another pandemic. Love is implicit in masking since the mask helps others more than the person wearing the mask; masking is an act of love and love can not be legislated by the government — vaccinations fall in a similar category.

Throughout the world, gifts are given as an expression of love. Kissing, the mingling of two breathes, is a measured love where each gives equally; sex is more gender oriented with one giving and the other receiving — the greatest giving is done in secret where the receiver knows not who is the giver. Love is a powerful potent medicine which is the message from Covid, to truly love your fellow human being as yourself by wearing a mask, a more powerful antidote for the receiver than the giver. Therefore, an act of love.

The mask is more effective at keeping the virus inside the sick person than preventing someone not sick from getting sick. In other words, masking is an act of love towards another human being, a secret love masking the lips and the face. Masking is a powerful love exemplified by the modesty of the mask, like a veil before a beautiful face. Modesty is a profound type of beauty where the inner intention of the lover is hidden by a hint. The greatest love is the love of self; whoever wears a mask, loves others more than the love of self. Wearing a mask is an extreme act of love.

Like a good father, when Creator comes to punish the world for our outlandish behavior lacking compassion for the people or the Earth, God chooses just the right punishment. Covid translates into Respect in ancient Hebrew; hidden beneath the hard exterior on the surface of the sickness is a new type of love — a yearning love seen from the distance. We are being punished for our excesses. Communism is where the people work for the government; capitalism subjugates the individual to an unbridled collective appetite by those who bought the government with bribes — both extremes are manmade Isms.

The mask hides the false smile while muting the slick tongued. The mask allows everyone to step back, at least six feet, and reconnoiter. Who are we and where are we going. What does God want of us? It is written in the Torah, as one of the 613 Commandment given to the Jewish People, called a General concept throughout the Torah by the ancient Rabbis, To love your friend like yourself. In our time, as portrayed in front of the entire world, people who only love themselves and not others.

The real sickness plaguing the world is not Covid; the real sickness lies beneath the skin in an addiction to more excess. Those who cannot wait to throw off their masks to indulge themselves back into excess, miss the point. This sickness was sent to the Earth by the Creator because man was willing to spin the world out of control without care of those left behind. This egocentric focus is the opposite of love. Giving is the hallmark of love. Holding back can also be a type of giving as expressed in masking up against Covid.

Our world was made for love, the great poet Robert Frost said that, but there are many forms and ways which to love. Some love gives from abundance but other love comes out of respect, giving distance and protection to those we love. Masking is a thankless love and not one that can be legislated but only advised. Love is greater than logic because the head is connected and invigorated by the soul carved from a star whose minuscule ray of light enters into the right side of the brain initiating thought, but the heart is connected directly to the Creator.

Masking is a modest act of love since the smile of the mouth and the joy beneath the mask is hidden. Restraint is what is needed in our time but not forced upon the people but rather, let love overcome the plague of sickness.



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