How to Stop Abortion

When does life begin? Does life begin with fertilization of the sperm into the egg or sometime later? Is pregnancy immutable? These basic questions about life were answered thousands of years ago by the Semitic People, the Jewish People and the Arab People who both agree, based on their prophetic books the Torah and the Koran, Life begins forty-one days after conception. In the first forty days, when the placenta is being formed, God is prochoice; meaning, God gave woman forty days to decide if and when she wants to have a child — this is Semitic Law.

There is corroboration to Semitic Law from science who also recognizes forty-one days as being a turning point in the evolution of the zygote into an embryo. Therefore, there are three confirming sources for the view, Life begins forty-one days after conception. This unique natural happening allows God to be both prochoice and pro-life, because only after forty-one days is life invested into the womb of the woman. God is kind, having only love for the world but also recognizing the need for rules and boundaries. God is not dogmatic.

Religion was invented by the Holy Roman Catholic Church who proclaims, Life begins at conception. The Church also preaches against birth control while attesting, every child is born into sin or as Martin Luther two centuries ago opined: We are born between shit and piss. There is no corroboration for any of their views anywhere in the world. Rome is untethered from logic replaced by their dogma. The weirder the dogma the greater the faith, eroding the human capacity to independent thinking thus rendering the person a servant in the servitude to religion. Yet, the human being is intrinsically good, like a tiny blade of grass constantly pushing up against, breaking through the cemented dogma in search of light.

Because these are the End of Days, end of the calendars, in the sixth and final thousand year segment known as Secret, relating to Sex, as the six thousand years of man begins to enter into the Thousand Years of Woman and Peace. This cosmic happening planned from the very beginning of creation is illuminating the horizon of human history. A new day is coming and we will never return to the gluttonous Roman ways. The rape of Mother Earth is finished. A new man is being born holding woman above himself.

The Torah and the Koran are the only books of prophesy in the world, though certainly there have been prophets to many peoples throughout the globe, but these are the only two books of prophesy whose every letter and sound has been kept uncorrupted by time or catastrophic events. This evidence explicitly written in the Torah and Koran has been shunned in favor of Roman Law who only finds truth and justice in the victor. The arrogance of the Church stands against God by dividing the Semitic Peoples into enemies, oiling their way to conquest. The simple way to destroy religion is make them pay their property taxes. Defund Religion!

Sex a Metaphor to History — Trump 777 and the Thousand Years of Woman is a whirlpool of thinking combining world events with the metaphor of sex producing a vivid portrayal of our present situation. This is the darkness just before the dawn but we need to push through into the light. We are the fetus struggling to be born; we are a world pregnant with life being strangled by the placenta — this celestial birth and our Mother Earth must live. The way out is not by going back but by going forward because something beautiful is being born in the world — The Thousand Years of Woman and Peace.




Author of 15 books on Jewish subjects particularly how Jewish mysticism is prevalent in common and current affairs. More about me at

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dovid Krafchow

dovid Krafchow

Author of 15 books on Jewish subjects particularly how Jewish mysticism is prevalent in common and current affairs. More about me at

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