I am a heathy productive old man of 75 years and in my tradition, the Jewish tradition, seventy years is a lifetime. I do not wish to be tested but if I am infected and if I become so ill that I need hospitalization and a respirator, I hope that I would rather die than take the place of a young person who has yet to fulfill their days on this good Earth. I would like to suggest to other older people, consider this alternative. There is no Hell and nothing does not exist. All go to Heaven when terrestrial life is over because there is nowhere else to go. The greatest pain in Heaven after death is embarrassment. Personally, I would be embarrassed in Heaven knowing I had tried to save my own life by denying life to someone younger. Only so many can fit on the life raft. I encourage my fellow elders to consider this alternative because, we lived our lives. Dying is difficult and we all fear the process of checking out, but death is much kinder since physical pain ceases once dead, while a new type of pleasure begins. From birth to death is only half of the life cycle. Young people helping elders is the right and beautiful thing to do. A good way for older people to reciprocate is by not using desperately needed resources. Also, I prefer dying in the quiet of my bed rather than the turmoil of a hospital. God bless all the people doing good, your soul which is carved from a star illuminating you, is proud.


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dovid Krafchow

Author of 15 books on Jewish subjects particularly how Jewish mysticism is prevalent in common and current affairs. More about me at