Communism Capitalism Cooperation

dovid Krafchow
4 min readJan 29, 2021

Western Civilization is just a fancy name for the Roman Empire transformed into the Holy Roman Catholic Church who owns more property than any other entity on the Earth. Rome has literally conquered the world; calling their accomplishment, the pinnacle of human history — Western Civilization. That’s what happens when the victor writes the history by destroying all other accounts. But, history lives everywhere. To eradicate history would be commiserate with the eradication of grass. The history is like grass, constantly growing from the ground, eating up the paved over lies.

Covering up embarrassing or contradictory evidence is part of rewriting history. Offering up opposite views rebutting obvious logical conclusions is a brazen attack on social coherence and in general muddying the waters of congeniality, fermenting social discord. Rome divides then conquers because what is whole can not be owned. The whole hides nothing and therefore is in constant contradiction to Rome, built on lies. Belief takes over when truth is unavailable; we believe what we do not know — if we knew, we would have no reason to believe.

If belief is completely untethered from the truth then there is no constraint on what people believe. Belief untethered from Truth easily morphs into dogma and eventually legislated into law. One of the nine highest judges on the Supreme Court at her recent hearing made a point proclaiming her belief, life begins at conception. This uncorroborated Roman view of life is in complete contradiction to all ancient peoples and ways, robbing women the ability to terminate a pregnancy prior to 42 days without the stigma of abortion.

The coin of Rome has induced the world into a very shallow view of life, the glitter of silver, where winning in more important then, why? To buy things when there is so much more to do with money, like making peace and bringing wellbeing to the world but there is nothing so lucrative as chaos and war. America, since World War Two, is economically based on war after war. How to break the cycle of war?

In times of poverty and desperation, communal living is natural but after stability is obtained, the impulse to gather within turns outward where capitalism and competition flourish. Capitalism ends when there is enough, then cooperation takes over. Capitalism has created enormous wealth throughout the world, where every dream can be realized. Now is when greed needs to convert to goodness through cooperation and a mutual understanding concerning the nature of creation as created by the Creator. No religion necessary.

Now, when everyone can peer into our technological window of time to anywhere in the world and beyond, the world hungers for motivation towards action and direction. Clarity is essential. To see the Earth as a unified terrestrial body meant to support the unified human experience on the seven continents segmented in the form of a human being is the first step. Cooperation is the final threshold of human development over these last six thousand years.

I would maintain, the preservation of each human life is the foremost endeavor for our species, particularly at this time of tribulation, world upheavals and frequent natural disasters. Only cooperation, bent on saving everybody, can withstand the onslaught of change coming to our planet. Those who think a drug or vaccine will get us back to where we were are wildly mistaken. We can not, nor should we go back to the excesses of the past because Mr. Capitalism has produced himself out of a job. There is enough.

There is ample evidence, Mother Earth is a gift from the Creator given to the human being to use respectfully, a tradition still maintained by the dwindling indigenous population throughout the globe. The word Covid in Hebrew translates as, Respect. Even nature is rebelling against the human hand on the lever of power. Man has fashioned the world for his ultimate pursuit, money buying a shallow unsatisfying happiness, like watching entertainment or following political intrigue.

There is a deeper pool of pleasure far beyond the easily depleted ground water of prosaic happiness. Happiness just happens and should not be a reason for living, pleasure on the other hand, goes far beyond happiness. Purpose turns happiness into pleasure; life is more than what we see — purpose gives freedom from chaos by adding direction towards a goal. In the world-wind explosion of modern day reality, purpose is caught in a constantly changing maelstrom of chaos.

When we are tied above we do not fall below. Purpose is what ties the soul to the body giving impetus to live through difficult times, since life has a purpose. Every life has a purpose. Each person is a story etched into Heaven being constantly read by the Creator; when a person leaves this world, the book is closed — murder slam shuts the book before the end. The purpose of life is to live honestly with the Creator, so the Creator can be known in low, the original impetus for creation.

Society evolves over different degrees of difficulty, amending life to fit the situation while protecting and defending livelihood and property. However, when Enough has been realized then life changes from the competitive into cooperative. When the race is over, the runners embrace the opponents. We know we have had Enough because God put a sudden stop to our spinning-out-of-control-world. Each person can direct themselves to the future which requires consensus of clarity back to the ancient tradition: The world belongs to the Creator. We are welcomed here as visitors to partake in the pleasure of our planet but with respect.

Our technological world has obtained the capacity to make the Earth into a beautiful dream or a horrible nightmare. Now more than any time in the past, the ubiquitous free will given each individual matters since God is known in low by each individual person, equally. There is judgement on the Earth and there is judgement in Heaven but God’s love flows upon each individual, equally since God is not of Heaven and not of Earth.

Communism has died; capitalism is dead and dying as the lie of a fiat currency becomes exposed — freedom is beyond an Ism. Beauty, truth and freedom are the true pillars upon which the center is built.



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