Arrogance is a Disease

dovid Krafchow
5 min readDec 16, 2020

Arrogance is the reason America is the epicenter of Covid-19. Only the arrogant go out and party in the middle of a pandemic. But, the people are not to be blamed since America schools her children in the ignorance of arrogance, then elects the most arrogant person in the country to be the leader. Trump leads through arrogance, prompting dogmatic legislation. The Torah predicts an arrogant people existing sometime in the future depicted by the phrase, They got fat and kicked.

America is that nation.

How did we become an arrogant nation? The concept of Manifest Destiny goes back to the Founding Fathers with two distinct interpretations: world conquest or democratic exemplar. This dichotomy is portrayed in the two major political parties. The republic is how America interacts with other countries, as championed by the republicans. The democrats are more concerned with the demographics and the welfare of the people. Pulled to extremes by a divisive arrogance, America has become the laughing stock of the world — one nation divided into halves — the haves and have nots.

Having defeated the Nazis in World War Two, Germany was exposed for their arrogance, claiming to be a higher and more entitled human being, determining in their death camps who will live and who will die. In the process of America winning the war, we caught their disease founded on arrogance. Dominion over others is an act of arrogance. War is an act of arrogance. Arrogance is the foundation for disease.

The disease of arrogance fevers with intimidation while retching with self-pity, vomiting up excuses, sweating money to buy power needed to produce More, in order to survive. Only More can satisfy the arrogant. The American People, a people made from all the peoples around the globe are satisfied with enough. The rich need More to survive. American economics is consumer based, causing companies to include addictiveness into their products. Americans have been bribed into an addiction for More to satisfy the needs of the rich.

Arrogance is expressed as a bully. Those intimidated by the bully back up behind the bully and swear allegiance to the bully who takes the bully pulpit expecting whatever comes forth from his bully mouth to be quickly cooked into dogma then eagerly swallowed by his supporters. Dogma is based in the heart, seat of emotions stemming from feelings, not from logic. Without logic, belief captains the ship. We believe what we do not know. Belief has no confine or rules. Believing beats in the heart of dogma.

We teach our children arrogant theories to believe in like, the Big Bang Theory, the ultimate nihilistic philosophic finale explaining nothing. Religion is no better with their Creationism where God creates everything in one inexplicable moment. Neither explanation is adequate because the Law of Cause and Effect indicates a pervading dynamic logic throughout creation from beginning to end. The arrogance achieved from modern day thinking proclaims creation the celestial creator creating ourselves for a cosmic pointless moment in time.

America’s major religion preaches, the only way to god is through them; the government is continually touting America as the greatest nation ever — lies perpetrated as truths while trying to skirt scrutiny. Eventually the lies find their way into dogma. No wonder Americans are both physically fat and metaphorically obese. Fat is an indication of too much pleasure. Though the elixir of life and the reason human instinct naturally turns towards pleasure, too much purposeless pleasure fattens society, rendering the people unable to do much more than kick with displeasure.

Sending in federal agents to quell peaceful protest is a sign of arrogance. They got fat and kicked. Arrogance has been eroding our country for fifty years and now the fetid puss-filled infection is bursting. All the wars America has perpetrated since World War Two have been arrogant wars pursued for money and world domination, feeding the world lies from the mouth of their obese leader. Those who eat the dogma are being fatten for the kill.

When the Soviet Union fell, American exceptionalism took a lethal turn, deciding to be the world’s only superpower — since the nineties, arrogance has grown and multiplied, spinning the world faster and faster but never fast enough. This spinning centrifugal force causes separation into high and low, a way to purification. When applied to society, centrifugal force is a way of culling the population. Those who spin off are fodder for the rich through evictions and foreclosures.

Earth is beloved by the Creator of creation. The Moon precisely covering the Sun during an eclipse is an example of God’s signature rulership over the Earth, the only place in the universe fecund with life. Acknowledging God’s presence in the world encourages humility, the antidote to arrogance. Religion uses God’s Name to engender humility and fear in the flock; political leaders invoke God’s Name, to humble the people — only politics and religion are arrogant enough to invoke God’s Good Name into their corrupt cause. Secretly fleecing the people is another clear sign of arrogance.

Arrogance is the anvil upon which truth is beaten, then deformed into something practical. The Baby Boomers were the most arrogant and selfish of all generations, needing More and More in pursuit of their happiness, even at the expense of later generations. Progress has become a clear cancer eating away the flesh of the Earth to satisfy an insatiable appetite for no other reason than the constantly gnawing necessity for newer and More.

The ultimate aim of the cancer is to waste the body. The body atrophies because the cancer takes too much and leaves nothing for the body to function. The body adjusts by needing less, giving More to the cancer until the body dies. The cancer in America is the one percent of rich people who still need More, like a cancer needs More, never satisfied, never satiated, always on the prowl for More.

Without progressing towards better faster and More, the ethereal cloud fueling their insubstantial reality comes crashing to the ground. By slowing progress, the cancer eating at the world can eventually by eradicated. The world needs time to recover; the world needs a global remission — so God sent Covid-19 to the Earth and progress halted. The word Covid in Hebrew translates as, Respect. We have disrespected the Creator by raping the Earth. We will never go back to the way things were, nor should we.

Because America has become fat and kicked, humility is required to fight and overcome the disease of arrogance. In Hebrew, arrogance is called, Azut Panim/Severe Face. We are dying in increasing rates because we are not practicing the first act of humility, to cover the face. Covering the face is also an act of love. Loving other people more than one’s self by protecting our neighbors through the suffering constriction of the mask is an act of love.

Arrogance causes people to throw off the mask and gather together as if the disease is a hoax. Trying to convince people that the disease is a hoax is an act of treason against America. Humility is the antidote to arrogance. Humility causes a person to love another person more than they love themselves. Without humility we are doomed as a nation, forever subjugated to dogma, the ultimate expression of arrogance.



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